What is Damp and Timber Report?

A damp and timber report is the process of a survey being carried out to check for the type of damp problems that are possibly found before purchasing a property. The survey will also entail the surveyor for timber issues such as dry rot or woodworm infestations.

A frequent request from customers is for a damp and timber report which is one of the most common specialist reports for older buildings and is often requested as part of the home buying process.

Mortgage lenders/building surveyors often ask for a damp and timber report so that you and they can be satisfied that the structure of the building is free from excessive moisture, wood boring insects or wood rotting fungi that can attack the walls and timber within the building.

A majority of building surveyors will recommend a damp and timber report, as soon as their moisture meter highlights that moisture is present in the fabric of the building or there is evidence of a woodworm attack. Don’t panic though!

You will receive a report that gives an accurate picture of the damp and timber within the property.